As the days grow longer while temperatures grow warmer, this time of year is perfect for refreshing any areas your life that may feel stagnant—even your workouts.

If you’re looking to shake the dust off your old fitness routine, look no further than the boxing ring. In 2018, this exciting, blood pumping, full-body workout is expected to reach new heights of popularity, due to its potent mix of strength-training and aerobic conditioning in addition to its stress-relief benefits. Boxing workouts also improve your hand-eye coordination and endurance, all while blasting hundreds of calories and sculpting your arms, legs and core in the process.

When it comes to boxing, the tools of the trade are reliant on natural gas and oil derivatives. Many boxing gloves are made of vinyl covering polyurethane foam. Punching bags and focus mitts are also made with vinyl, and jump ropes are often constructed using plastic, PVC and nylon. Even traditional boxing trunks and robes are made of satin polyester.

If you can’t make it to the gym, punch up your routine with this at home boxing workout that will help you burn 500 calories in only 45 minutes.