Incorporating seasonal ingredients into your cooking is a great way to liven up your meals and enjoy your produce at its peak freshness. This month, shop for spring favorites like apricots, asparagus, artichokes, fava beans and spinach.

The seasonal produce found on grocery store shelves and in farmers market stands are grown, transported and sold using natural gas and oil production processes. The tires on tractors pulling farm equipment are often made of synthetic rubber, synthetic fertilizers provide nutrients to crops to help them grow and vehicles powered by natural gas and oil deliver produce to markets across the country. Even the credit card you use to pay for your groceries is made of plastic, and the reusable bags that you use to carry your products may be made of woven synthetic fabrics.

In addition to shopping, cooking is also fueled by natural gas and oil in many different ways. Surfaces that make food prep easier and less messy, like the nonstick coating on many pots and pans, is made from fiberglass, a product of natural gas and oil production processes. Your mixing bowls, spoons, spatulas and other kitchen tools and utensils are often made of plastic, synthetic rubber or other non-slip synthetic materials. The oven mitts that protect your hands and the kitchen towels that clean up your messes may be made with synthetic fibers and food storage containers are commonly made of plastic.

With natural gas and oil assisting you in the kitchen, try your hand at these easy and delicious spring recipes:

  1. Apricot tart
  2. Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus
  3. Fresh artichoke and kale dip
  4. Chicken breasts with fava beans
  5. Spinach quiche