All of the items below are things you’ve probably used today, and they all have one surprising thing in common.

Did you use a toothbrush to make your smile sparkle?

Maybe you showered, then pulled out your hairdryer?

Or did you just comb your hair?

Then maybe you put on a little makeup?

Did you carry your essentials in a backpack?

Did you wear sunglasses to look cool?

Did you get a little work done on your laptop?

Did you catch up with friends on your cell phone?

How many of those items did you use today? Guess what: No matter how many you used, every item on this list was made with the help of oil and natural gas.

It’s not just fuel and electricity: All of the items you used are made from hydrocarbons—which are found in oil—to create thousands of useful products that are made up of plastic, rubber, synthetic fabrics, common medicines and more.