If you were a 90s kid, you’ll instantly recognize these nine toys and games. But you might not remember—or never have known—that they’re all made from oil or natural gas.

1. Tamagotchi

You were so busy trying not to let your electronic “pet” die that you never realized it wouldn’t have existed without the plastic made from oil.

2. Ball pits

There were better things to do in the 90s than learn that these plastic balls are made from an oil derivative. Like planning an under-ball sneak attack on your friend.

3. Bicycle-spoke beads

In the 90s, you cruised the neighborhood sporting the latest color combination on your spokes. You looked so cool you didn’t stop to think that these beads wouldn’t exist without oil and gas.

4. Trampoline

Were you lucky enough to have one of these in your backyard? If so, you might not have realized that the fibers that make that great bounce are made from an oil derivative.

5. Skip-it

Looking at it now, Skip-it just seems like cardio. Back then it was so much fun that you didn’t even realize the bendy plastic and synthetic rubber were made from natural gas and oil products.

6. Nintendo Game Boy

It turns out that this handheld gaming system was just practice for your current cell phone obsession. And like your cell phone, your Game Boy might not have existed without products made from oil and gas.

7. Furby

Yes, their little chirping sounds got really annoying really quickly. But we loved our Furbies and their giant plastic eyes, pointy ears and cozy fur, which are all products made from oil and gas by the way.

8. Beanie Babies

You spent so much time trying to collect the rarest ones (after all, they’d be worth something one day!) that you didn’t notice their fleecey soft fabric exteriors were made from oil and gas products.

9. Boombox

Yours had a CD player and a tape deck—because how else would you make mix tapes for your crush? The boombox, CDs and tapes were all made with oil and gas.