Summer’s here, and that means sun, warm weather and long weekend days to enjoy. But what’s your favorite way to spend a summer weekend? Read our handy guide to summer activities and the products that make them possible.

The Road Tripper

Where You’ll Be: For you, the journey is just as important as the destination. The greatest adventure is exploring on the open road.

What You’ll Do: You’ll cruise the highways, with your family in tow, keeping them occupied down that long stretch of road. Stop anywhere that looks interesting along the way to see sights others never get to see.

What You’ll Need: For the ultimate road trip, bring a GPS-enabled smart phone so you’ll never lose your way. Fill it with great road trip music, charge up those personal electronics to keep the kids occupied, and be sure to stock up on road trip snacks and drinks—keep them cold in a plastic cooler.

How Oil and Natural Gas Will Make It Possible: It’s more than just what powers your car! From the asphalt roads you drive on to your car’s rubber tires and even the majority of the components that make up your car (yes, even electric cars), oil and natural gas help make it possible. Look beyond to see that byproducts of oil and natural gas help make up some of your favorite road trip necessities, too. From the plastic casing to the microchip, your GPS-enabled smartphone and tablet is made almost entirely of plastics derived from oil and natural gas—and so is the cooler.

The Summer Swimmer

Where You’ll Be: You’re headed straight for the pool. Whether it’s at a resort or in your backyard, the water is calling your name.

What You’ll Do: You’re angling for some relaxation, so you’ll spend your days soaking in the sun, perhaps punctuated by a dip in the water.

What You’ll Need: Very little. All you need is a swimsuit, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen! Expert poolsiders can bring their own rafts, like the inflatable swans and unicorns that have been dotting Instagram lately.

How Oil and Natural Gas Will Make It Possible: The stretchy, quick-drying material on your swimsuit is a combination of nylon and spandex, both of which are made from hydrocarbons that are derived from oil. The heavy gauge vinyl that keeps your inflatable rafts afloat is also derived from oil and gas products. Even polyurethane foam on the koozie that keeps your drink cold is made from those ingredients.

The Sporty Spectator

Where You’ll Be: Summer, for you, means baseball season. So you’ll be at the ballpark rooting for your favorite team and soaking in the atmosphere.

What You’ll Do: Get ready to cheer: You’ll need to be heard at the stadium (GOAL: get featured on the jumbotron!), where you and your friends will enjoy cold drinks, hot dogs and other stadium snacks.

What You’ll Need: You just need a ticket. The stadiums provide all the necessary items to make your viewing experience enjoyable.

How Oil and Natural Gas Will Make It Possible: Not only are the athletes themselves outfitted in products contributed by the oil and gas industry—from the top of their batting helmets to their cleats—the seating and protective equipment needed to spectate safely and comfortably are made of components from oil and gas derivatives as well. The speakers that pump sound through the stadium, the plastic of your seat and the netting that protects spectators from foul balls are all made from hydrocarbons which are derived from oil and gas.