There are plenty of reasons to love meal-kit delivery services. The pre-portioned ingredients allow you and your family to prepare delicious home cooked meals without the added hassle of grocery shopping or even chopping vegetables. You can also customize the foods you receive based on your dietary restrictions and try your hand at cooking new and interesting cuisines you wouldn’t normally attempt.

Oil and natural gas help to support the ease of service that meal-kit delivery options are known for. The plastic used to wrap your food and keep it fresh along with the transportation involved in bringing your weekly box to your door are all fueled, in part, by oil and natural gas production. Even after your meal is over, the plastic containers used to store your leftovers are also created through oil and natural gas processes.

To find the perfect meal-kit for you and your family, check out Self’s list of the best meal-kit delivery services to try this year. The list includes some familiar favorites like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, as well as plenty of new and exciting options that are sure to whet your appetite.