As summertime approaches, let’s take a minute to think about all the fun songs that will keep us dancing, singing and loving life this summer. This season’s most popular music speaks to the diverse array of talented artists currently on the scene. Now more than ever, there is something for everyone when it comes to music.

Every year, the great “Song of the Summer” debate begins anew. People have their favorite artists and albums that they’re partial to, but when summer hits, there are certain songs that everyone just can’t stop listening to. These songs won’t be denied. They invade your brain and before you know it, you’re hooked.

Walking down the street, on an airplane, at the gym, at your desk, in your car, at a party, in a store—almost everywhere you go, you’ll see people with their earbuds in, listening to a favorite playlist. Countless music apps and portable electronics make listening to music anytime, anywhere, easier than ever. As long as you have your trusted device with you, along with a power cord covered in synthetic rubber, access to your favorite music is never far away.

Your headphones, wireless speakers, car radio, smartphone, computer, tablet and any other device used to listen to music is powered by natural gas and oil. Many of the parts that compose these gadgets are plastic, and most electronic devices are controlled by a circuit board, made of fiberglass, among other materials.

The technical equipment used to record, produce and edit the songs we love to also requires natural gas and oil. Microphones, sound engineering boards and editing equipment are all kept running by natural gas and oil and the power they provide.

If you are a fan of the classics, check out Billboard’s list of classic summer songs from years past.