For younger children, teaching through play is a fun way to introduce various educational topics. Reading, writing, science and math can all be taught in fun, engaging and interactive ways. Technology has really helped children’s toys to evolve into dynamic, interesting learning tools for children of all ages and their parents, and with the school year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to make a shopping list of the items you think will best help your child thrive.

Natural gas and oil play an important role in the convergence of education and technology. Electronic devices are fueled by natural gas and oil and many toys are made of durable, lightweight and easy to clean synthetic materials.

Whether your child is in school full-time, part-time or is still at home, here are the coolest tech toys to help encourage your child’s creativity and broaden their knowledge base:

1. Marbotic Smart Letters
These Smart Letters help kids learn the basics of reading and writing. Kids can place these wooden block letters directly onto an electronic tablet, powered by natural gas and oil, to work on letter recognition and letter matching.

2. Fisher Price Code-a-Pillar
Playing with this toy is the perfect precursor to coding. To operate the Code-a-pillar, children are tasked with putting the plastic toy together in specific sequences, as you would when writing digital code.

3. Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

Help your child bring their unique Play-Doh creations to life with this cool kit that allows them to scan their sculptures onto an electronic device. Not only do natural gas and oil power and charge your devices, they also help make Play-Doh. Use this tool to introduce your child to the world of animation and design.

4. KD Interactive Aura Drone with Glove Controller

This toy can help children learn better hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills, since they must learn to launch, fly and land the drone. Designed to be played with indoors, this little plane uses a unique glove controller, made of stretchy synthetic fabric.

5. Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Expose you children science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with Dash the robot. Dash is an actual robot who presents kids with hundreds of projects, and problems to solve. Free apps teach your child how to program Dash to move, make sounds, light up and more. Wireless and Bluetooth technology allow Dash to connect to tablets, computers and smartphones. This technology is supported by wireless routers, synthetic rubber coated power cords and modems, which all contain pieces and parts made from natural gas and oil derivatives.