Are the Holidays your favorite time of year or are you counting down the days until the New Year?

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, so much of what fuels the holiday season is made possible by natural gas and oil.

If your neighbors take the “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” approach to decorating during the holidays, you can thank the oil industry for keeping those lights running. Those inflatable Christmas trees and snowmen found on lawns across America at this time of year are also made from natural gas and oil derivatives. Americans have spent over $6 billion on holiday decorations alone, so expect those festive displays to continue growing bigger and better each year.

Did you ever think about how far Santa Claus has to travel each year?  Conservative estimates reveal that Santa has 25,000 miles to travel to deliver gifts, meaning his and his reindeer must be going at least 694 mph.  Pretty fast isn’t it?  While Santa’s reindeer are quite legendary, we’re willing to bet they have a little help from natural gas and oil to help power that sleigh and keep Rudolph’s red nose shining bright.

Do you love making your holiday shopping list and checking it twice or are you already dreading going shopping for the holidays?  Whether you are Santa or Scrooge, natural gas and oil make gift-giving possible. Americans spend over $2 billion on gift wrap and accessories every year, and the festive wrapping paper, shiny bows and colorful ribbons that conceal holiday gifts are made with petroleum based dyes, inks and fabrics. These adornments make basic boxes and bags more beautiful, if for only a short time, as they are destined to be ripped apart and discarded to get to the good stuff inside.

No matter how you spend your holidays, natural gas and oil are part of what makes the holiday season possible.