When you want to grab a bite to eat on the go, a fun and fast option is always a food truck. If you can catch several trucks lined up on the street during your lunch break or at an outdoor festival, the options are endless, as each truck may offer different cuisine from around the world. One such truck is the Boca Loca Burrito Factory truck, a popular women-owned eatery that is a big hit with Clevelanders.

Owners Heather Doeberling and Emily Moes use locally sourced ingredients to create the biggest, baddest burritos in town, to the delight of their happy (and full) customers. Regulars love the Cubano, which is stuffed with carnitas, ham, cheese, mustard and spicy pickles.

Ohio is also home to another popular female-owned and operated food truck known for its award-winning barbeque recipes. Charcoal Mafia BBQ is owned by Sarah Rader, an Army National Guard veteran. She started preparing barbeque for family and friends as a hobby, and as demand grew, she began entering cooking contests. Now, Sarah is a full-time pitmaster. You can find the Charcoal Mafia truck posted at various businesses in Ashland, OH during lunchtime, or catering special events. While the truck is best known for their smoked brisket, the sides, which include macaroni and cheese, pasta salad, baked beans and coleslaw, are not to be missed.

Natural gas and oil keep the Boca Loca and Charcoal Mafia trucks running. While the trucks themselves are powered by natural gas and oil, so are the stoves, ovens, smokers and grills on which the food is prepared. Plastic also plays a role, as most people pay with debit or credit cards, and food truck operators can accept that payment thanks to technology like the portable square card reader.

Learn more about Sarah’s story here, and see how the Boca Loca ladies make their signature burritos here.