Have you figured out what you’re going to be for Halloween yet? This year, 179 million people expect to celebrate the holiday with their family and friends. That’s a lot of candy and a lot of costumes.

Spooky makeup and face paint may be petroleum based, and false eyelashes and their adhesives are also made of natural gas and oil derivatives. The bags used to collect candy during trick or treating are often made of plastic. Plus, many Halloween masks are also made from natural gas and oil derivatives.

If you’re one of the many who plan on enjoying Halloween festivities this year, think outside the box and rock one of these unique and easy to make costumes:

1. Smarty Pants

This one couldn’t be easier. Just take some of the Smarties candies you’re planning on passing out to the kids and stick them all over your pants.

2. Snow White and Taco Belle

Either of these costumes will turn you into a Disney Princess in no time. If you have a yellow skirt, a blue shirt and a red ribbon or piece of fabric, you can put together a cute and easy Snow White look. If you’re a fan of puns, a yellow dress and a taco in hand transforms you into Taco Belle.

3. Scarecrow

This look is all about the makeup. All you need are jeans and a flannel shirt to wear, plus some petroleum based makeup to paint your face.

4. Fantasy Football

A football t-shirt or jersey plus a tutu and a fairy wand make this costume a sporty and whimsical option.

5. Dancing Friends Emoji

If you’ll be spending Halloween with your bestie, dress all in black with black bows in your hair and strike this emoji pose. You’ll be the most festive pair at any Halloween party.