National STEM Day on November 8 encourages children and people of all ages to develop an interest in the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. There has never been a better time to encourage the young people in your life to consider STEM education, as the demand for people with this specific skill set continues to grow in the U.S. workforce.

With nearly 1.9 million new job opportunities projected to be added to the industry by 2035, a proactive effort is needed to encourage more young women and minorities to pursue STEM education. For those interested in STEM careers, look no further than the natural gas and oil industry. The U.S. is both the world’s largest oil consuming nation and the world’s largest natural gas consuming nation, making this field a great place to build a successful career.

Between 2017 and 2027, STEM jobs are projected to grow 13 percent, compared to only 9 percent for non-STEM jobs.

Another interesting area in the natural gas and oil industry is the burgeoning digital technology arm of the business. In the coming years, the field is poised to innovate in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud computing, which seek to improve performance, increase efficiency and streamline business operations. With the help of brilliant minds steeped in STEM education and experience, the possibilities are endless.

STEM careers are vital to the continued growth and success of the natural gas and oil industry. If you’re looking for a stable, lucrative and innovative career, visit for job and education opportunities to set you on the right path.