Wine harvesting season runs from late August to early October in most of North America, so what better time for a girl’s trip to a vineyard? Not only will you be able to enjoy wine tastings and pairings, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery. Whether you prefer red wine or white, we’ve got you covered with this list of our favorite wineries to visit. So, grab your girls and raise a glass.

  1. O’Brien Estate in Napa, CA
  2. Early Mountain Vineyard in Madison, VA
  3. Americana Vineyards in Interlaken, NY
  4. Domaine Serene in Dayton, OR
  5. Blue Sky Vineyard in Makanda, IL
  6. Novelty Hill Januik in Woodinville, WA

Natural gas and oil help winemakers craft their signature blends and bottle them for customers. Since stomping on grapes is no longer the most efficient way to make wine, the machinery used to produce and bottle most wines is reliant on natural gas and oil.

Technology has made it possible to automate aspects of many types of farming, and winemaking is no exception. For example, irrigation programs can be automated to make sure crops are watered at appropriate times and intervals. Natural gas and oil derivatives make up important components of the computers that control this automation.

How many of us have bought a bottle of wine purely based on a cool label? Well, the glue used to affix the label to the bottle is probably petroleum based. Wine corks these days are often synthetic, and corkscrews may feature nylon grips and polycarbonate metal. As for wine bottle stoppers, silicone is malleable while still being durable, making it a popular material to use.