Cherry Blossoms are a beautiful first sign of spring, and April is the best time to see them. These fragrant trees are only in full bloom for about two or three weeks, so catch them while you can. First imported to the United States from Japan, many cities and towns across the nation celebrate their cherry blossom trees with festivals, parades, concerts and celebrations of Japanese culture.

Several cities around the country take their cherry blossoms very seriously, and offer festivities to celebrate the season.

In Washington D.C., the Blossom Kite Festival attracts kite enthusiasts from all over. The kites, generally made from nylon, feature elaborate shapes and colorful designs. The city also hosts the Blossom Chase Bike Ride, where riders participate on bikes with synthetic rubber wheels and wear clothing and safety equipment made from plastic, nylon, polyester and other synthetic materials.

The cherry blossom festivals in Nashville, Macon and Boston all focus on Japanese culture. These celebrations often include Japanese food concessions with plastic utensils and plates and merchandise booths where visitors can purchase kimonos and other traditional Japanese clothing made with rayon, polyester and sateen. Crowds are also treated to musical performances with traditional Japanese instruments, like the koto, a harp-like instrument with nylon strings.

In St. Louis, the cherry blossoms bloom in a botanical garden, where natural gas and oil help landscapers care of the plants, trees and flowers there with oil-based fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides, as well as synthetic rubber hoses and other watering devices to ensure that the cherry blossoms have the best bloom possible.

To take in the spectacular sights and smells of cherry blossom season, visit one of these destinations:

Washington D.C.

Nashville, TN

Boston, MA

St. Louis, MO

Macon, GA