Summer Hikes for Beginners, Experts and Everyone in Between

If a snowy winter and rainy spring have left you feeling cooped up, soak up the sun and work up a sweat outside on the hiking trails this summer. National and state parks all over the country offer wonderful hikes with breathtaking scenery for all skill levels. From a leisurely stroll to a months-long backpacking trip, the perfect hike is out there for everyone. No matter which trail you choose, natural gas and oil help make your outdoor excursions as comfortable, fun and safe as possible.

Hats and clothing commonly worn on hikes are made of lightweight, quick drying, synthetic fabrics, like nylon and spandex, as are backpacks. Sunglasses that protect your eyes and water bottles crucial for keeping you hydrated are often made of derivatives of natural gas and oil, as are the casing on flashlights, portable cookware and utensils. The soles of hiking boots and the handles on hiking poles are often constructed using synthetic rubber, and products necessary to protect your skin from the elements, like sunscreen, lip balm and insect repellent, are made from petroleum.

For longer hikes on challenging trails that can last several days, rain gear, quick drying tents and sleeping bags may be made of polyester. From a technology standpoint, apps like AllTrails and any GPS system are easily accessible on smart phones, which are powered by natural gas and oil.

Now, if you’re ready for an adventure, here are some of the best hikes you can experience across the country.