It’s so easy to pour everything into your job. Working week after week for 40+ hours with barely a vacation day in sight can really wear you down. To combat the exhaustion and stress that may have been building over the past few months, take full advantage of your extra day off this Memorial Day weekend.

Here are five ways to maximize your long weekend:

Spend time in nature

Being outdoors and breathing in fresh air has a restorative quality. Take advantage of the nice spring weather and go for a walk, play with your pet or simply sit on your porch and chat with a friend. Natural gas and oil can help you enjoy these rejuvenating activities. The breathable, lightweight material used to make clothing and shoes commonly worn when walking, running or hiking outdoors is often made from synthetic materials like nylon. When you toss your pet a ball or frisbee, those toys are often made of plastic, as is the outdoor furniture you may relax on with your friends and family.

Try a new activity

It’s amazing what just one additional day off allows you to do. You can get out of your comfort zone and try something new, while still having plenty of time to do the familiar things that you enjoy. Is there a community sports league you’ve been wanting to get involved with? Whether you’re playing kickball, dodgeball or softball, chances are your equipment will be made, in part, with plastic. Have you been meaning to take a pottery class? The kiln that bakes and dries your pieces may be powered by gas. Do you wish you had more time to volunteer at your local food pantry or soup kitchen? You’ll probably need various plastic and silicone utensils, bowls, serving dishes and trays to cook and serve food.

Take a nap

The importance of good sleep is well documented, and the comfortable sheets, pillows and blankets that ensure a peaceful sleep may be made of synthetic fabrics. If you have a more relaxed schedule over the three-day weekend, take some time out to catch up on rest. Your body will thank you.

Take a social media break

Instead of documenting every moment of your holiday weekend, try to be truly engaged in whatever it is you’re doing. The lasting memories created by being fully present will feel better than any likes you would get on your social channels.

Tackle a home improvement project

With one more day off, you can work on these bigger projects without feeling like you’re sacrificing the whole weekend. Plus, how good does it feel to check a major item off your to-do list? Have you been avoiding building that bookcase, organizing your garage or painting your bedroom? Your toolkit, which is vital to any home improvement project, is filled with items with plastic handles, as are many storage containers and bins used to organize your home. If you’re tackling a painting project, the brushes you use may have nylon bristles, and your paint may include natural gas and oil derivatives.