Baseball fans everywhere are counting down the days until October 23rd, when the World Series begins. This year, the Houston Astro’s look to win it all again, but several other teams are hot on their heels.

In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Colorado Rockies have battled for supremacy this season, and in the American League, the Red Sox look unstoppable, with over 100 regular season wins.

No matter who is crowed the overall champion in the end, playoff baseball is always an exciting ride. To follow along at home, check out the playoff schedule and see if you can predict who will wind up on top.

Natural gas and oil have always played an important role in making America’s favorite pastime so popular. Baseball was first broadcast in the 1920s on radios powered by natural gas and oil. Since then, the evolution of in-home entertainment has seen various iterations, namely the invention of television, followed by recording devices like VCRs, DVDs players, and now, DVRs and on demand streaming services, all of which are powered by natural gas and oil.

Petroleum based products impact baseball in in other ways as well, namely the baseballs themselves. Every year, MLB goes through almost 1 million baseballs, which are made of synthetic rubber coated cork surrounded by polyester yarn, which is then coated in cowhide that is attached with latex adhesive.

Stadium lights and scoreboards run on natural gas and oil, seats are made of plastic, asphalt parking lots surround stadiums and food is prepared using kitchen appliances running on natural gas and oil.

Do you think a National League team or an American League team will win the ultimate prize this year? Who are you rooting for?