Gardening has many health benefits, and not all of them have to do with the food you’re growing.  Of course, home grown vegetables and herbs are as healthy and fresh as it gets, but gardening is also great exercise. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control compares gardening to moderate cardiovascular activity. 30 minutes of planting, picking and digging in the soil can burn 150 calories or more. Spring is the perfect time to get your garden in order and take advantage of these health benefits with the help of natural gas and oil. At this point in the season it’s still early, making now the perfect time to focus on prepping your plants. Start by checking to see if anything you may have planted in the fall is starting to bloom and then move on to preparing your flower beds by removing winter mulch or working it into the soil.

Next, prune your trees and shrubbery before any buds begin to bloom, divide your perennials and get to work on any basic maintenance that needs taking care of. Once all of this prep work is complete, the fun part starts—planting veggies! This month is a great time to plant your onions, potatoes, lettuce, leeks, carrots and cauliflower.

Many of the gardening tools you purchase, like shovels, trowels, twist forks and rakes, are also made of synthetic materials produced with the help of natural gas and oil. These tools often feature soft, comfortable handles made of silicone, soft plastic, or other synthetic materials that make it easier to grip. Finally, when considering how to best protect your garden, some of the most effective and popular products to do so are oil-based.

Whether you’re new to gardening to a seasoned pro with impressive blooms, here are some great gardening tips for all seasons.