Fans have been waiting months to see their favorite NFL teams take the field once again, and that long wait will come to an end on August 2 when the Baltimore Ravens take on the Chicago Bears in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game.

No matter which team you’re loyal to, the Hall of Fame game is an especially fun one for everyone who loves football and the game’s history. This game signals the start of the NFL preseason and the Hall of Fame Enshrinement Week, where some of the game’s greatest players will gather to celebrate the latest inductees into the Hall of Fame.

Natural gas and oil have had an important impact on America’s game, from keeping football players safe to making fans comfortable, and many things in between. Here’s your complete guide to enjoying the professional football game of the season and Enshrinement Week.

Getting ready for the big game

Even if football isn’t your passion, everyone can get behind a good tailgate. If you plan on hosting a tailgate of your own this season, make sure you have all the essentials.

A portable grill – running off fuel like propane or natural gas – is the perfect way to get the party started.

Don’t forget the disposable plates and cups for your burgers, hot dogs and beer, and be sure to bring a music player, speakers and games to keep everyone entertained. Classic tailgate games like cornhole and ladder golf require plastic components, and even the pigskin tossed around has synthetic fabrics to keep it inflated.

While you’re throwing on your favorite replica jersey to get ready for the game, your favorite players are suiting up in the real thing, along with their cleats, helmets and visor shields, all made with synthetic materials.

During the game

Natural gas and oil help keep every professional football game running If you are heading to one of the Bears’ games at Soldier Field during the winter, don’t forget to bring everything you need to stay warm during the game. Everything from your heavy coat to a personal seat-warmer is usually made from synthetic materials derived from natural gas and oil. Whether you enjoy a classic stadium hot dog or hamburger or just love some peanuts and popcorn, natural gas and oil help to transport your favorite foods to the stadium.

Helmets and pads that keep players safe use plastic shells, and the foam underneath is synthetic. Every water bottle, coach’s clipboard, and referee’s whistle are derived from natural gas and oil, as well as the cleats and shoes under their feet. And would any exciting game that comes down to the wire be complete without a coach being drenched in Gatorade or water from a cooler made from natural gas and oil derivatives.

In addition to natural gas and oil having a major impact on the game of football itself, they also impact how we experience the game. Football stadiums have many polymer components – just think of the stadium seats, digital scoreboards and advertisement posters.

After the game

After the final whistle, the Enshrinement weekend begins, and natural gas and oil make celebrating the greats of the game possible.

The Class of 2018 Hall of Fame inductees all gather at Hall of Fame Village, a “smart city” that uses technology to improve operations and safety. The complex, which natural gas and oil keep running, includes a museum, stadium, hotel, restaurants and more.

With a parade in downtown Canton, autograph sessions and photo ops and concert by Maroon 5, the Enshrinement Weekend is jam packed with football fun. Fans can also check out the museum, where they can walk through exhibits highlighting the old days of leather helmets and pads, to today’s football world of high-tech protection, in-helmet radio receivers and instant replay. Plus, they can see the busts of all 310 members of the Hall of Fame, created though a detailed process that includes clay, rubber, wax and ceramic.

All season long, natural gas and oil help celebrate football legends and power the next generation of Stars.

So, are you ready for football season? Do you think the Bears’ new coach can bring the team to the next level this year?