State fairs are in full swing all across the country, and there’s no shortage of games to play, rides to ride, animals to pet and of course, foods to eat. It seems like every year, fair foods become more elaborate, so there’s no better place to indulge.

Did you know that natural gas and oil help fuel your fun at the fair? The endless food stalls at any fair are powered by natural gas and oil, and just about any appliance you can imagine runs on natural gas and oil, like grills, ovens, stoves, griddles, freezers, refrigerators and of course, deep fryers.

Speaking of those fair-favorite deep fryers, here are some of the best fair foods out there that you have to try:

  1. Navajo Tacos – Arizona State Fair
  2. Deep Fried PB&J – State Fair of Texas
  3. Pork On a Stick – Alabama National Fair
  4. Elephant Ears – Washington State Fair
  5. Cream Puffs – The Eastern States Exposition (The Big E)
  6. Hot Beef Sundae – Tennessee State Fair
  7. Cotton Candy Taco – State Fair of Texas

When you’re done sampling every treat the fair has to offer, it’s time to win some prizes. State fairs are set up for only a brief amount of time. Trucks and other vehicles haul in every ride, game and stand, which are then constructed on site using tools running on natural gas and oil. Games and rides are constructed with parts made of natural gas and oil derivatives and prizes won are often made of synthetic fabrics. At night, every game and ride lights up spectacularly, thanks to the power natural gas and oil provide.

Do you have a favorite fair food?