As loved ones gather this summer to reconnect at family reunions, there are a wealth of experiences to be shared and memories to make. Whether you’re enjoying celebrations outdoors at a picnic or BBQ, or the festivities are to be held at a banquet hall or restaurant, natural gas and oil are instrumental in making your family reunion an event to remember.

Video and still cameras that capture precious memories function with the help of natural gas and oil, which are necessary in creating their casing and many interior parts, in addition to providing their power sources. Camera straps and cases can also be made of synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester.

Kids activities and arts and crafts are also made possible by natural gas and oil. Crayons, putty, slime, paint and paint brushes are all manufactured using natural gas and oil production processes, as are many pool toys, sand toys and playground equipment.

If you’re looking forward to some pool time with the family, pumps that help circulate water and heating mechanisms to keep the pool warm may be reliant on natural gas, while pool loungers, goggles, swimsuits, towels and outdoor furniture all consist of synthetic materials.

A friendly game of volleyball, softball, kickball or soccer also require the help of natural gas and oil, as the various balls needed to participate in these games include some synthetic rubber, latex and polyurethane parts.

And of course, family t-shirts or hats commemorating the occasion may be made of cotton-poly blends, as are numerous picnic blankets and tablecloths.

To help facilitate the family bonding, here are some great ideas for games and activities that people of all ages can enjoy.