Well, I took on a tradition that I did not see coming…the tailgating tradition!

For as along as I can remember, my husband has been going to Dolphins games with his dad and his sister. Although I was raised in a house where every Sunday football was on and my mother often watched it with my dad, it was never something that I got into.

Every football season my husband gets so excited for the traditions that they’ve started. They get up SO EARLY!! Ok, reason number #1 I don’t attend morning games, I need my sleep, especially on Sundays. They meet up with their group of friends at a local supermarket. For the most part their groceries have already been purchased and packed in their coolers the night before. They usually grab coffees, ice and any last minute items at this location.

Next up is the motorcade together to the stadium. They all ensure that they all park nearby each other to utilize each other’s supplies. Once they arrive it is like watching a colony arrive to their newfound homeland. They all know their jobs and what needs to get done. Within minutes the tent is up, the grill is on, the cooler is open and showcasing refreshments and food is getting prepped. Here’s a fun fact- oil and natural gas help make many tailgating activities and experiences possible! It takes products derived from oil and natural gases in order to get these  gas grills, portable smokers, serving utensils, coolers and chillers as part of our tailgating adventures.

 Products made from the oil and gas industry are everywhere- most grilling gear, polyester jerseys, and parking lot games, like the rubber air bladders in footballs and plastic frisbees.

I had no idea that plastic, rubber, synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester, vinyl, and asphalt are all derived from petroleum.

I must admit, in spite of being in the middle of a parking lot they really do well for themselves with the array of foods they have available. Morning games always include fresh thick cut bacon, eggs and steaks. Their lunch/dinner selections are dependent on their moods but always has a protein and TONS OF APPS. I’ve seen everything from bacon wrapped shrimp to jalapeño poppers. This I guess helps, considering once you get inside a pretzel will cost you about $15.

Once foods are on the grill and drinks are flowing the games of corn hole, beer pong, throwing a frisbee or football around next usually ensues. It creates such a fun element to the whole experience.

I know, that the time will come where my kids will join in on the traditions and begin going to games with their dad and their “Papa”.