Summer’s here, and that means sun, warm weather and long weekend days to enjoy. But what’s your favorite way to spend a summer weekend? Read the second part of our handy guide to summer activities and the products that make them possible.

The Fitness Fanatic

Where You’ll Be: For you, the long days of summer offer a chance to move your usual gym routine outdoors. You’ll be at the park … or the pool … or really wherever you can get a workout in.

What You’ll Do: Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer, or a fan of outdoor yoga, you’ll be sweating in the great outdoors. Get the entire family involved by bringing them on a summer hike or holding your own family swim meet at the local pool.

What You’ll Need: Strap on your fitness tracker, and grab your water bottle before heading outside. And if you have young children, a jogging stroller is a must-have for outdoor fitness. Consider bringing along weatherproof speakers or headphones to bring your workout soundtrack with you.

How Oil and Natural Gas Will Make It Possible: The plastic in your water bottle and in your waterproof speakers are made with plastics derived from oil and natural gas, and most of the components of your fitness tracker are too. Your jogging stroller is made from durable materials including nylon, plastic and synthetic rubber, all of which are made from oil and gas.

The Outdoor Adventurer

Where You’ll Be: Whether it’s the mountains or the desert, the great outdoors are calling your name. You’re heading as far away from civilization as you can get.

What You’ll Do: You’re a natural explorer, so you’ll camp, hike, whitewater raft or canoe to challenge yourself and to find all the beauty that nature has to offer.

What You’ll Need: For your outdoor adventures, you’ll need tents and gear that protect you from sun, rain and wind. Versatile, breathable clothing is also a must: Bring a nylon windbreaker and a fleece for chilly nights.  Packing a solar charger will mean you can power your electronics, and bring some nonstick pans for cooking over the fire.

How Oil and Natural Gas Will Make It Possible: The modern materials that make our adventures possible are almost all made from oil and natural gas derivatives. The nylon of your tent, fleece of your clothing and other materials that keep adventurers dry, safe and warm were developed using derivatives of oil. The Teflon on your cookware is also made with derivatives of oil and gas. Even your solar charger is an oil and gas product: While its power comes from the sun, the plastic components are made from oil and gas derivatives.