Every Girl’s Football Tailgate Checklist

The best part of football season is the tailgate, hands down. Being outside, enjoying the fall air and hanging out with your buddies…yes please. Below I’ve listed some tailgate essentials you’ve got to have if you’re going to enjoy a football tailgate this season.

1) “Everything in Moderation” attitude. Tailgates are supposed to be fun. Chomping down on lettuce and water isn’t fun. Drinking something delicious and eating a burger with friends is fun. Everything in moderation you guys. If you’re going to bother tailgating, then do it right.

2) Bring a football, because who knows when an impromptu game of catch may need to happen. Right?

3) Pack a variety of beverages and the tools to keep them hot or cold. Make sure that you’ve got your cooler and koozies to keep drinks cold. Plastic cups are great for easy serving and cleanup. If it’s a chilly day then invest in a thermos and make some delicious hot chocolate!

4) Don’t forget to pack some water— Hydration is key.

5) Snacks. DUH. Go with good ole classics like chips and dip or burgers for the grill. Or get creative and think up some fun healthier tailgate options. I love these turkey rice cracker bites.

6) Layers. It’s fall so sometimes it starts out hot when the sun is out, but is super chilly by game time. Be prepared for any type of weather. Did you know that clothes that keep you dry and warm  are mostly made of nylon, polyester and other materials are derivatives of oil and natural gas?

7) Comfy shoes. You will likely be on your feet all day and then walking around a stadium. Don’t be the girl in heels at a football game.

8) Think about investing in a small grill that can fold up and fit in your trunk. There’s nothing better than a tailgate cookout. And you can save some money by not spending on expensive stadium food. Bonus!

9) Your friends! A tailgate is obviously not complete without friends or family to share it with.

Did you know that your favorite tailgating items such as plastic coolers, koozies, inflatable or foam footballs, grills and plastic cups are all made with components of oil and natural gas? Tailgates wouldn’t be the same without them!  What is your favorite part of tailgating?  Let me know by commenting below!