Exercise In The Morning
Getting ready and hitting the gym, attending yoga or zumba class is not a possibility due to my busy schedule, so I make sure to get up at least a half hour earlier in the morning and do some yoga at home or go for a walk in the neighborhood or jog in the park. Many yoga mats and other exercise equipment are made of polyurethane or rubber (as well as other workout equipment), which are products of oil and natural gas.

Music Love
I am a huge lover of music and enjoy listening to songs every morning. It pumps me up and gets me set for the day. So, how do I make time for it? I manage my meal prep in advance with a solid plan in place. I do the grocery shopping on Friday evenings and do the prep work on Saturdays or Sundays. I make certain items like cooking grains, cutting vegetables, roasting veggies, etc., ahead of time so that it makes my week easier. I use kitchen appliances, like a slow cooker, which require less of my attention and instead utilize the time I save by listening to my favorite music. The materials used to make the cooker and energy for its functioning is possible due to oil and natural gas.

Family Time
Family time is most important to me and I make sure to make time for family regardless of what work comes my way. To create family time, I utilize the time saved from the household chores. Vacuuming is one chore which takes at least 2-3 hours of my time. I save time on this activity by hiring cleaners every week who quickly come by and make my home clean and spot-free. Many of the parts used to build the vacuum and even the packaging used to hold soap scum remover, are made of oil and natural gas products.

Outdoor Activity
There was a time when I was not much of an active person but in the last few years, I changed myself so much for the good. Now I love being outside and participate in a lot of outdoor activities like rafting, soccer, swimming, etc. Finding time for all this with a toddler might be tough, so I make use of his play time to spend outdoors. Most of the outdoor activities he enjoys, like riding in his play car and skating, include products made from plastic, rubber and synthetic fibers, which are all derived from petroleum.

Beauty Routine
My son naps in the afternoon for an hour or two everyday. That is when I concentrate on my beauty routine of Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing (CTM). I am a huge nail polish addict and make sure to paint my nails every now and then with bright and glittering colors. Having said that, do you know that regular beauty product like nail polish is also made from the oil and natural gas industry? It indeed is! Not just this, but there are many products around us which are made from it.

If you are interested in creating some downtime for yourself, check out Look Beyond’s Four Ways to Gain Some Downtime Today” blog. They share some wonderful tips to help you out! It is time for you to Look Beyond what you think you know about the oil and natural gas industry to discover how products made with oil and natural gas make an impact on your life for better activities and experiences possible. Anything that has components made from plastic, rubber, synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester, vinyl, and asphalt are all derived from petroleum. These products are woven into our daily lives, including personal downtime essential products. Hope these time-saving techniques help you create more personal downtime. Do share your personal stories and pictures about how products derived from oil and natural gas help you savor those extra minutes – and remember to tag #LookBeyond.