I am learning that by keeping my daily routine simple, I can get more done without the stress. Here are a few of my best tips:

Add stress relief to your daily routine. Make sure to schedule down time on your calendar. It is essential to block off a few hours a week for you. It’s not just about self-care and taking a bath by yourself. It’s about brain dumping all your thoughts in a journal, listening to an uplifting podcast, reading a book, taking a daily walk, or enjoying time with your dog. Whatever makes you feel calmer!

By creating personal downtime, you’re feeling better about yourself and the world around you. If you need more inspiration, read “Four Ways to Gain Some Downtime Today”
Inspired by how oil and natural gas helps make many day-to-day activities and experiences possible, you will soon find new ways to feel less overwhelmed today. Just think: what products do you use every day that is from oil and natural gas? Things like your yoga mat, TV, and nail polish are all ways we relax…and it’s important to realize where they come from.

Declutter your home and outsource difficult tasks. When you’re overwhelmed, clutter feels that much more suffocating. Don’t be afraid to outsource! Small things like dry cleaning or cleaning out your car can be outsourced so you can forget it. Delegate and outsource when you can. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Make your tasks visual. I find myself less overwhelmed when everything is written out on paper. Consider using fun post-it notes in your office to remind you of your to do list AND your self-care routines. Use a planner to track your day hour by hour so you can see where your time is going.