As much as I hate doing them in the moment, I always feel so proud once they are done and I am actually able to relax instead of having those chores hanging over my head. That feeling of total relaxation is what pushes me to get everything done and it usually works! Thankfully, I have a few tips that I always follow to make sure that I get my chores done as fast as possible.

I always make a list
If you know me in person, then you know that I have to have not only a calendar, but also a list. Each Sunday, I look at my weekly schedule and see what I have to do. I then write a list of places I need to be, things I need to get done, and anything else I need to know. This helps me stay organized and on top of things, so that I am not doing everything at the last minute. This helps me save time by knowing exactly what I need done, when I need it done. I don’t have to sit around and wonder if I am missing anything.

I work smart, not hard
There are so many ways that you can work smarter, instead of harder. An example of this is laundry. If I wait until ‘laundry day’ to do everything, it will literally take me all day. I try to space is out so that I can fold smaller loads a few times a week instead of larger loads all on the same day. This helps me feel less stressed out and more relaxed. For me, when I am stressed, I tend to quit working and take more breaks. This is why working smarter is a huge time saver for me. 

I play fun music
Music really does make everything better. When I have music on, I am much more motivated to clean and keep cleaning instead of taking breaks. It really does help me power through and save time.

I work towards my ‘treat’ at the end
I know that when I get everything done, I will be able to hang out on the couch and just relax, with nothing on my mind. Knowing this, I push through and get everything done as fast as I possibly can.

With all of the extra time I save by implementing these simple tricks, I spend it relaxing with my family and improving myself, which is amazing!! Each day that I am able to take a class, I always go to Pure Barre which really helps me start the day right and take time for myself. Each night when I get everything done, Ian and I usually grill something for dinner and snuggle on the couch, watching a movie (lately it has been Christmas movies!).

The funny thing about relaxing is that typically, we do not think while doing it – we just enjoy. For me, this means that I never thought about what goes into the products or items I am using for my downtime. For example, did you know that so many of our ‘relaxation’ or ‘downtime’ products are made with oil and natural gas? In fact, anything that has components made from plastic, rubber, synthetic fibers, vinyl, and asphalt are all derived from petroleum. It’s crazy how these products that we are using everyday to improve our lives are made from the oil and natural gas industry and I had no idea. If you are like me and have no idea how your products are made, Look Beyond what you think you know about the oil and natural gas industry and really dig in and find out how these products make your life better, each day.

A few examples of products made from the oil and natural gas industry are: coffee makers, gas grills, coolers, athletic clothing, yoga mats, TVs, blankets, fitness trackers, nail polish, and so much more! These are all things that I use on a daily basis. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the oil and natural gas industry, Look Beyond is a fantastic resource for you! They publish blog posts and give a lot of information that actually makes sense in your daily life, like this blog post on Four Ways to Gain Some Downtime Today!