Football season is well on its way, and regardless of who you’re rooting for, one thing is for sure — it’s time to organize the ultimate tailgate party! You know what that means, bust out the grill, the boombox, and every kind of sports memorabilia you own.

As you may already know, we live in Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the Indianapolis 500, the Indiana Pacers NBA team, and of course, the Indianapolis Colts NFL team. You know what that means? Many opportunities to hold a tailgate party. With Fall blowing in cooler temperatures, it’s important to prepare extra-carefully for your next tailgate party, that’s why we’ve created a compact list that’s bound to have you covered.

“What kind of tailgate party do I want?”

First figure out what the weather will be like, and who will be attending? Will it be cold, hot, or rainy, and will there only be adults present, or also kids?

Will there be food, if so, how much of it? Tailgate parties can range from finger foods to full-blown lunch and dinners.

What will the atmosphere be like? This largely depends on the age bracket, with younger folks going all-out, and older fans opting for a more relaxed approach.

“What do I need to bring?”

From footballs to pop-up canopies, every item is vital. Believe it or not, most of the items on this list share something in common, they feature components made from plastic, rubber, and synthetic fibers like waterproof nylon and polyester, vinyl, and so much more — all of which are byproducts of oil and natural gas. Why is this important? Because the more we know about the ties between the products we use, we can learn how to be more efficient, even while tailgating!

  • Generator – Whether it’s chilly or hot outside, this fuel-sipping machine can power TVs, an electric grill, a mini-fridge, and charge mobile devices.
  • Shelter – A nylon pop-up tent will shield you from the sun by providing a decent-sized shade.
  • Cooler – Whether it’s the size of a carry-on suit or as big as a bathtub, hard-plastic cooler with rubber lining is the way to keep drinks ice-cold.
  • Seating – Foldable chairs, ottomans, whatever you can comfortably lounge on, you need it.
  • Food – For obvious reasons, this is a big one. Depending on what you choose to serve, this will dictate if you need a propane stove, a portable microwave, or simply a grill, charcoal, and some lighter fluid.
  • Entertainment – Whether it be corn hole, drink pong, or washer toss, some entertainment will surely be needed!
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“What’s the most important item?”

Your team’s swag, of course! Polyester jerseys, hats, hoodies and all kinds of other swag made from synthetic nylon fibers, etc. Show off your team spirit, and remember to Look Beyond and discover how oil and natural gas can help you create the perfect tailgate party!