This year, the tournament is being held in Russia, but technology powered by natural gas and oil make it possible to watch the games wherever you want, at any time you choose.

Sports bars and restaurants all over the country will be screening the games, so you can cheer on your favorite teams with fellow fans. You can also watch comfortably at home on Fox, Fox Sports 1, Telemundo and NBC Universo. If you’d prefer to take in the excitement on your personal computer, you can stream every game on It’s also possible to keep up with scores on the go using your smartphone with apps like CBS Sports, Yahoo Sports and ESPN.

All of this technology depends on natural gas and oil, which powers and charges these items. Natural gas and oil also help produce the parts that keep your products running, and the accessories that protect your devices, like cell phone cases and computer bags.

The basic components of soccer also get an assist from natural gas and oil. Soccer balls and jerseys are made using synthetic materials. This year, for the first time, players will compete on a partially plastic field, and next time you’re holding your breath during those exciting penalty kicks, know that the goal nets are often made of nylon or polypropylene.

Just like the star players on the field, fans watching in the stands or at home can wear replica jerseys, often made of the same polyester materials as the authentic ones worn by the team members. The flags fans wave wildly in the stands or at home are also made of lightweight synthetic fabrics, as are World Cup t-shirts and track jackets.

Now that you’re ready to cheer, check out the full schedule of games here, and if you need a good place to catch a game or two, consult this list of the best bars to watch the World Cup in the country. If you’d rather throw your own World Cup themed party at home, Party City has you covered. Their packs of international themed supplies feature plates, cups and flags, as well as plastic utensils and table covers. Be sure to plan an international menu for your gathering with these fun recipes you can cook up in your own kitchen using your favorite appliances, powered by natural gas and oil.